Assisted Living Centers

For those tasked with residential care for our senior citizens, the Blue Hug is a wonderful product designed to enhance function and retain dignity at Assisted Living Centers.

Proper Care for Senior Adults

Senior citizens are a valuable part of our society and they deserve proper care while enjoying their golden years in an Assisted Living facility. It's important that we create an atmosphere that is both comfortable and conducive to their needs. A great way for residential living facilities to help provide proper, dignified care for their seniors is by investing in the specially-designed products from Blue Hug. Blue Hug helps take the fear out of the bathing process for seniors and helps maintain and enhance proper care.

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

We must provide our seniors with opportunities to engage in activities that help them maintain their independence and pride as valued members of society, while promoting the stimulation of their physical, mental and emotional health. It is our responsibility to treat our senior citizens with the respect and dignity they deserve. Giving them the proper care they need is a crucial aspect of achieving this. The makers of the Blue Hug had this in mind when they designed their products. Why not give our precious seniors the dignity and care they deserve?

The Challenges of Hygiene for Seniors

We believe that our loved ones deserve the highest quality of care as they age, but asking for help or relying on assistance with personal hygiene can be a difficult and even embarrassing process. It's not easy for someone who has been capably independent for so many years to suddenly have to ask for assistance. Feelings like embarrassment, fear or even helplessness are unfortunately common. The Blue Hug was created specially to nurture their dignity during this time: it is an object crafted from love and experience that brings comfort and security back into assisted showering sessions.

Strengthen the Bond Between Senior and Caregiver

The bond between a caregiver from an assisted living center and those who rely on their care should be filled with mutual comfort and respect. As our beloved elders age, extra assistance is often required for personal hygiene matters like showering or bathing - an experience that could often lead to feelings of embarrassment or helplessness. To counter this feeling, the Blue Hug was created with respectable caregiving in mind; restoring dignity during assisted showers so the connection can remain strong regardless of challenging circumstances.

Blue Hug – Bringing Dignity Back to Assisted Living Centers

We understand that even the simplest daily activities like bathing, grooming, dressing, and personal hygiene can pose a challenge for many seniors. Pain, mobility issues, cognitive changes, and discomfort can make these tasks unpleasant and difficult. We care about our senior adults and want to ensure they can manage these important tasks with ease and dignity. That’s why we believe so much in the Blue Hug, and we’re ecstatic about what it could mean for seniors in Assisted Living Centers across the country! Contact us for details on bulk discounts and how to order Blue Hug garments personalized in your brand colors and facility logo, and give your patients or loved ones the gift of dignity, empathy, and special care.