Vera Williams

Business Development Manager

Vera Williams portrait

Vera Williams is the business development manager for The Blue Hug team. She takes great pride in helping other people navigate through challenging times and circumstances. As a deeply caring and compassionate individual with a strong history of connecting people to products and services that are designed to help improve major aspects of their everyday lives, Vera is a perfect fit for the Blue Hug family.

A Swainsboro, GA native who proudly hails from Wesleyan College in Macon, Vera has been a proud member of the Healthcare Sales & Marketing industry and has built her professional career about putting people in front of what they so desperately need.

Vera regularly demonstrates her willingness to go the extra mile to build and maintain relationships with people and is committed to being remembered as a person that loves to help all living things, and as someone who gave all she had to make the world a better place. With her long history of helping people, caring about their well-being, and showing compassion for their humanity and their dignity, we are proud to have Vera on the Blue Hug team.