Jodi Bellam


Jodi Bellam portrait

Jodi Bellam is the inventor and imagioneer of the Blue Hug shower garment, a product that is designed to bring dignity, comfort, and hygiene back to assisted bathing.

Being in elder care for well over a decade has given Jodi a deep desire to help families care for their loved ones as they age. As the owner and operator of Better Off At Home, a company that is dedicated to providing the highest quality at home care for patients, Jodi has learned volumes in terms of compassion and understanding for families and caregivers. She tries every day to make every aspect of home care a better experience for everyone involved.

A Metro Atlanta native, and a Jacksonville State alumni, Jodi gave up a career in advertising to help make the world a better place, especially for our beloved elderly. Her selfless compassion radiates, and has helped facilitate her reputation as one of the premier innovators in elderly care. She wants to be remembered as someone who gave totally and completely of herself to those that she cares for.