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The Warmth of a Hug When You Need It Most

Why Blue Hug

Creating a positive bathing experience for both caregivers and the ones they are caring for by restoring a sense of comfort and dignity to the process of assisted showering.

As our loved ones age, more and more individuals are requiring the assistance of others with personal hygiene opening the door for embarrassment, discomfort, fear, and a sense of helpless indignity. These emotions are the direct opposite of what dedicated caregivers desire to inspire and encourage in their daily interactions. The Blue Hug was crafted with loving care to restore a sense of comfort and dignity to the process of assisted showering.

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Blue Hug Shower Garment

Imagine recapturing the feeling of safety, warmth, and dignity of a great shower or bathing experience. The Blue Hug Shower Garment is a unique ¾ length shower garment made from nylon jersey lined neoprene providing a soft, luxurious, and comfortable bathing experience. With generous arm and neck openings and high-quality 2-way zippers strategically placed, allowing caregivers to bathe the wearer while maintaining personal dignity and warmth.

Blue Hug Shower Garments help change the quality of life by:
  • Preserving warmth
  • Protecting sensitive skin
  • Enhancing comfort
  • Ensuring dignity
  • Dignifying personal hygiene

Every Blue Hug is manufactured in the USA and comes with a 100% warmth and comfort guarantee. (Patent Pending)


nice words from nice clients

“Thank you so, so, so much! My mother is 94 and was so embarrassed and cold when taking a shower that she began to refuse to be bathed at all...the Blue Hug has changed our lives and has restored her dignity and confidence!”

~ Akima S.
Blue Hug

About the Blue Hug Team

Our goal is to offer a practical and affordable way for caregivers and loved ones to restore dignity and add warmth to the bathing experience.

The Blue Hug was born out of deep experience as in-home and institutional caregivers for the elderly and bedridden. For years we have observed the mental and emotional anguish clients experience when it comes time to bathe. The discomfort and dehumanizing process of being completely exposed, vulnerable, and completely dependent upon another human constantly broke our heart.

Nothing is more important to us than making sure individuals requiring assistance are being cared for by caregivers that are equipped to provide the best, most loving, care possible.

How To Use The Blue Hug Shower Garment

The Blue Hug is designed to be put on when dry and while the wearer is still clothed or robed. This garment is crafted from lined neoprene and is designed to retain warmth when wet and then to air dry after use. (The Blue Hug is intended to be used for individual personal hygiene and should not be shared with others.)

Place garment around shoulders and attach zipper at neck before removing shirt or top.
Zip downward to close the shower garment and to remove bottoms or robe.
Help bather into shower and get water to desired temperature. Soak the shower garment from the outside—keeping the bather warm during bathing.
Unzip a side zipper and use the shower head inside the garment to wet the bather’s skin.
Turn off the water and bath the wearer.
Turn water back on and using a side zipper, rinse the bather from inside the garment.
When finished, unzip the front zipper half-way and place a towel on the bather’s lap.
Unzip the front zipper the rest of the way up and cover the bather’s chest with another towel.
Remove the garment while the bather is sitting and let it drape over the shower chair while drying off the bather.
Finish drying off the bather and help them into a robe or with getting dressed.
Return to shower, rinse off the Blue Hug and hang from the shower head to air dry.